PERIMETER PROTECTION from pyronix alarm systems

Alarm protection for the outside of your house before anybody touches your property

The first wireless low-mounted external volumetric detector to be added to the Pyronix range. The new XDL12TT-WE delivers long-range signalling, multi-award-winning two-way wireless technology, heightened false alarm immunity with Dual-Vision Pet Immune detection technology, as well as a host of features that make this a steadfast detector that’s quick and easy to install. Offering 90° detection (install between 1-1.5m), the brand-new XDL12TT-WE can provide a maximum detection range of 12m.

For any security installation, the ability to detect a potential intrusion and alert the user, before any break-in can occur, is one of the best and most efficient methods of protection. Pyronix perimeter solutions add a new dimension to any system

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